wrote this just now to edit and mail later

For the bombassiest of all penpalstresses,

To the blossoming dolls
In miracle cloak shawls
Softly lofty, I call:

Duck and weave, spread tight-knit shawls
Along the balcony sun
Wondrin' where the wonder's gone
Among the black-tie throngs.

Blossom dolls repackaged in
Adventuresome scent
New world order plunders this

Fiery tongue species
Strung out on regret
Mirror image held vacant for
A more convincing replacement for

Hidden in a message
Sliding down the surface language
Of a truckstop mirror
Complex inferior

Scrawling "Death to malls"
Across the hallowed carpet walls
Of the ancient healing halls
Of striptease malls

I mean to desire real people, but real people have gone

(no subject)

You don't need a roof till it rains long and hard
And if the roof don't come the overpass can't be far
There's a spot between pillars the searchlights can't reach
The cars hit your ears like the waves to the beach
And don't expect sleep, but you'll find it anyway
It's the reward you get for keeping awake for how many days?
With no sleeping bag you keep warm by keeping on your feet
If you stop to lie down careful- farmers pack heat.
You'll find sleep sitting up in a warm coffee shop
Beflower your barista- trade a song for a mop
But keep your pack under your chair lest you give yourself away
And never, don't you ever give your passport away

(no subject)

Invisible response to my buried demons *smiling* *attentive* I raise up my arms. One were we to shoot the plywood animals in the rocks below the gulls? One were we to. One were we to "Luck of the draw!" "Double Jinx!" through distant hills? Electron boxcars. Face pins installed. Hesitancy. One are we to atmosphere? at home in the forest? The memory of clusters of fresh berries

(no subject)

EyelidsOfDawn album art exampl by ~Birds-in-me:iconBirds-in-me:
Categories Traditional Art > Drawings > People

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EyelidsOfDawn album art exampl by ~Birds-in-me on deviantART

Artist's Comments:
Album Cover art for my friend Luke's music project: Eyelids of Dawn...

a work in progress


~Redfauxofenigmas:iconRedfauxofenigmas: Apr 9, 2007, 12:18:17 AM
fwasha :wow: That is amazing! I love the idea, the execution, and the colors! The colors you chose are perfect, and I love the white spaces you chose to leave behind, perfect. You should be paid for this, and he better have given you a shout out on his CD! That punk :shakefish:

I scare my family

Who cares, they don't.

~Birds-in-me:iconBirds-in-me: Jun 7, 2007, 8:38:14 PM
I recieve a dollar for every one he sells!!!

~Redfauxofenigmas:iconRedfauxofenigmas: Jun 7, 2007, 9:45:10 PM Mood: Adoration

Chlo, I need to move out, badly. I think I just realized it now more than ever. I'm still really apprehensive and stuff, but I know that it's for the best. So, if we can, let's start making plans soon. Just laying down the basics and all that.

:work: Scheduel wise, I'll try to check on DA every Monday.
I'll love doing collabs and art trades, so note me if you're interested :floating:


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"Bacon Double Helix"
www.lukewashere.com (somewhat under construction)
GENRE Folk, Lounge and Psychedelic
SOUNDS LIKE someone should get out more
INFLUENCES false epiphanies, supersized dna strands, "Songwriters on Songwriting" by Paul Zollo, "The Big Book," "No Man Is An Island" by Thomas Merton.
In 1997 Bacon Double Helix (NSDQ:BDHX) vowed to rid himself of 'band politics' once and for all and purchased his first used analog four track recorder from Sluggo Music in Tacoma, WA. Now with 9 years of 100% non-gmo organic home recording experience (and absolutely no trans fats in the form of synthesizers, samples, or fake drums- percussion consists of egg shakers, djembe, sanding blocks, and glasses (half full) of water), BDHX hopes to find unlike-minded individuals to turn his ideas (and possibly theirs) on their respective heads. As if ideas had heads, or that they could possibly be possessed by anyone.

BDHX's keen sense of *something* suspects there may be potential collaborators out there, however BDHX is rather shy (unless he's up on stage or gets to know you) and hopes that a forum such as this may be some type of solution to Solipsistic Multitracking Syndrome(SMS), the symptoms of which are treatable, although at this time there is no known cure.

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